Machinery used for Retreading of Tyres


Tyres are cured in electric chamber at 125° C for proper bonding of tyre. Cold tread built tyre, gummed and stitched, is covered with special rubber envelop for overheat protection before putting it in this electric chamber for curing.Tyres are kept hanging inside to prevent direct touch with heat. This is fully insulated and has pneumatic control valves and safety valves, having zero pollution.


Tyres are buffed in a uniform manner with this automatic buffing machines, which is fitted with motor for forward & reverse buffing. Dual stage stiching for gum and tread. Uniform buffing radius is maintained to buffed tyre in the principle of lathe cutting. Specialized buffing radius is maintained based on the size of the tyre.


Tread Builder is designed for Stitching the cushion gum & building the precured tread with the help of pressure, stitching and support rollers.


Inspection Spreader is designed for close internal inspection of tyres of different ranges. Special heat spotters are used to do extra size patches curing and also for radia - tubeless tyre repair.


Layout Of EXCEL Retreading Plant. This is possible only if automatic machinery is available, which we have.

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